Monday, December 06, 2004

New Job Update and Observations

1) I busted-- and I mean BUSTED-- my ass in the office parking lot at 7:55 this morning. I don't know how this shit happens. I really don't.
2) There is a lady in my department that is a little obsessed with her cats. I'm afraid this is what I'll turn into. The frumpy cat lady who smells just a touch like kitty litter who keeps pictures of her precious cats on her desk instead of pictures of humans. And wears sweaters that celebrate the holidays. And has an ass that moves independently of her body. PLEASE. I BEG of you people. WARN ME when I am close to becoming the frumpy cat lady.
3) My boss seems genuinely nice.
4) Cubicle land is not as scary as I thought. At least my desk is close to the window. If all else fails, we're only on the fourth floor. I'm sure I could make it if I had to jump.
5) West Little Rock traffic does not make me happy. I will be happy to get on the 11-8 schedule.
6) My department "buddy" has a really strong cone-try accent. But he seems reasonably well adjusted. Will withold judgment for the time being. :)
7) I do not get paid for a LONG TIME. God Bless Credit Cards.
8) I wore a gold sequin belt for flair.
9) There is a cafeteria inside the building. This is a novel idea. You could eat three meals a day there and never have to leave the office. Leads to much productivity, I'm sure. It kinda smells weird though. Like there's too many foods all together and the walls absorb the foods. Gobble Gobble.
10) and finally, though I did not see my Dillards friend today, I whole-heartedly agree with the description "eyes-glaze over" in reference to the power point presentations. But, coming from experience, I am sincerely glad this place provides training, however boring it may be. Though I'm sure I'll be eating those words in a few days.

Word of the day describing cubicle land: peculiar

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