Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My birthday was yesterday. Neat, huh?

So yet again I'm here in The Frozen Tundra, watching whatever tom fuckery television the network executives have decided to broadcast over the airwaves. Currently my options are endless. I can paint my nails, read a book, eat some strangely unsalted hot and spicy peanuts or nibble on the leftovers of my pistachio-crusted salmon, compliments of room service. I can also watch neverending episodes of Law & Order and HELLO, can we talk about how many episodes of this show are sitting in a vault somewhere? I used to watch reruns back in college and that was eight years ago.

I think I'm going to paint my nails. WHILE watching Law & Order. I'm a multi-tasking fool.


Carl from L.A. said...

While L&O has not jumped the shark, it has certainly past its prime. Though Jack McCoy and Lt Van Buren are still around, the current ensemble is nothing like the one with DA Adam Schiff and ADA Jamie Rose back in its heyday.

And I sorely miss Lennie.

The Gnat's Trumpet said...

Belated Happy Birthday.

Randy in the Rock said...

Makin me laugh over here!!!!!! Great blog!