Friday, July 08, 2005

A Bottle of Water

Ok. I feel like a hypocrite.

Not really in the sense you're thinking, though.

I feel like I LOOK like a hyocrite to someone.

And me no likey that feeling.

I realized after I walked away (and analyzed the converstation, as I do with every conversation with every person in the known world I've ever had a conversation with, possibly taking up millions of neurons of brain space with my ridiculous analyzing of words, spellings of words (even when spoken), body language, current attire, etc) that the few things this cat knew about me would seem totally incongruous with the fact that I TAKE CARE OF BABIES IN A NURSERY, IN A CHURCH. Babies brought into said nursery with the sole purpose of the parents having a quiet moment to absorb The Word of God through the Holy Mouth of The Preacher-Man in the Beautiful and Sancitified Sanctuary.

I guess what I want to say (and what I did not say before, in conversation, distracted by sleep deprivation as I was) is that I don't think it's wrong, or even necessarily bad, for these children to be brought up in the church. Afterall, I was brought up in the church. My one hope is that they have tolerant and understanding parents. Or that maybe they run into that kind of adult at some point. A teacher. Or a nursery worker. Someone, at somepoint, who lets them know it's okay to be whatever you want. That loving someone of another religion doesn't make you bad and that changing your viewpoints on religion and faith and the creeds and morals you carry with you daily is healthy, normal and it makes you stronger, more adaptable. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY that if they decide to hold to their current faith, the one their parents obviously hold so dear, THAT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. As long as they can love people without condemnation, it's okay. That's all I ask.
Of course, the fact that they pay me is nice as well.

But I wouldn't be doing it if I laughed at these people behind their backs, thinking I had found the better path, the more righteous way, etc. I'm grateful and appreciative that these parents have something to believe in, that these kids have parents who so obviously make them a priority in their lives and that the strength of their faith gives them comfort. Just because my faith is slightly different doesn't make theirs any more or less right-- or mine more or less wrong.

So there. The internet world cares not, I know. And Conversation Person from this morning will not read this. And I would feel like a douche bag if I just walked up out of nowhere and laid out my thought process. So instead, I lay it out here. Which makes me feel slightly better. Which is what this is about anyway. My self absorbtion broadcast loudly for all the world to read.

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