Sunday, January 09, 2005

Cheesy Goodness

Ok. So I was wondering today who thought up the idea of frying cheese.
Who thought, "ya know, cheese is great and all... I really like it on my sammiches, it's great in my pasta, and it's super on crackers... but I really think we could do something more with it."
And then took that thought process which led to the not-so-logical conclusion of breading a stick of cheese and dropping it in a deep fryer?? WTF??

But it sure is tasty. Bordering on the less-than-healthy side but still incredibly yummy.

So yeah. It's a Sunday. Super. I start my 11-8 schedule tomorrow. And Kasi starts her first day at CompanyXYZ. And Lacy has an interview there. (!!!!!!!! help !!!!!!) Brittany is meeting a new guy that I'm not sure I approve of. My brother got in a wreck on Thursday that my parents didn't tell me about until Saturday because "he wasn't hurt so it wasn't necessary." ????? It's alright. He just junk-yarded the car. Totally okay. Not sure they would have even told me on Saturday if I hadn't called that afternoon to say hey. I think I jacked up my knee while spastic-dancing around the house yesterday. But there was this really snazzy song on the radio so it was totally acceptable. But being a spazoid while walking down steps is a mite more complicated than my normal daily activities. Hence the jacked up knee. And I watched this review on Car and Driver this morning about the Pontiac GTO. What a gay-ass car. I mean, I realize the original GTO was based off a simple sedan and they just muscled it up. And this new body style is also. But they only gave themselves SEVENTEEN MONTHS to create the new GTO. Which is just wrong really. It looks horrible. It's pathetic. And it pisses me off.

And that's a Sunday for ya. Getting pissed off at a car manufacturer for having heads inserted into assholes while gimping around on a fubar knee, making pasta combined with salmon-from-a-can (nasty, by the way) and talking briefly to friends who are spending their day off in much the same way. Hopefully their Sunday is salmon-from-a-can free.

I think it's naptime.


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