Sunday, January 30, 2005

Nice Mug

Well. It's 3:25 on a Sunday afternoon and as per usual I find myself slightly bored. I have plenty of books to read and tv to watch and cats to entertain yet somehow I find myself in front of this computer making my weekly confessional entry.

Only this time I'm in a bit of a beer haze.

See, what happened was.... I ordered a to-go salad from US Pizza, home of the yummiest salads on the face of the planet. Went to pick it up, brought it home, went upstairs to put up the purchases from Target and heard my brother and his friend Robert come in the door. Went downstairs to say howdy and ended up going BACK to US Pizza to eat with them. It's totally okay though. I hadn't yet eaten my salad so it's not like I had a double lunch. But I decided to go because I had this sudden and inexplicable urge for some beer.

So we went. And I had my beer. And now I'm home, my brother having departed for Conway to visit his girlfriend and Robert having left to go home to Texarkana. I called my friend Kasi from the short walk home to inform her how amusing it was that I was under the influence at 3 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon.

Random thought: I wish I knew how to post pictures because I just got a look at myself in the mirror and DAMN I'm attractive. I mean, truly. I walked into several public places today looking like I rolled outta a paper bag. ha HA! A little spandex in your pants never did anyone any lasting harm. :) And brushing your hair is really quite overrated.

Okay. I think it's nap time. My liver is requesting a conference call.

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