Friday, September 23, 2005


About five seconds ago I missed New York so totally and completely that I saw the edges around my eyes go black.

I feel stagnant.


meghansdiscontent said...

I have totally and completely figured out what the hell is wrong with you/us.

We NEED to get the fuck out of here!!!!!

So, here's the deal.
Got some Paul money.
Have a very decent gas mileage vehicle.
We're outta here.
Just a weekend trip.
We can even take Bakey-bake if you want.

Let me know.

Joey said...

Yea!! Git you asses over here to New York!! We'll hang out and be naughty!

Oswald Croll said...

Like if you go to NYC you'd go back to Arkansas...... weekend trip.....PLEASE woman!

birdie said...

Silly boy.. I DID come back to Arkansas after living in New York. Very long story. Will explain one day. :)

Oswald Croll said...

Well I grew up in the NY/NJ area and find myself drawn back at least 2 times a year.....but I always stay muuuuuuch longer than what I planned. Each trip a little longer till I just won't leave one day......

I LOVE it when you call me silly BOY. Hehe

Adam said...

New York?!?!? Weekend trip over here young ladies - that's what's called for.

Here being Melbourne, Australia. I reckon you're already smiling at the prospect!

Sun Rider said...

Hey! You alive? I miss you!

Joey said...

Where the f'in-A are you?

Oswald Croll said...

Has Birdie flown the coop?

Your fans are calling.....