Friday, December 02, 2005

Because I Can't Stop Running My Mouth Today

In reference to Janestarr's question-
hmmm festive places in NY? Well, the best advice I could ever give you is to hop on the 1,9 line at the Staten Island ferry terminal (after riding the ferry round trip, of course-- it's free and it's the best way to see the statue of liberty rather than PAY the circle line) and ride the line up to Houston (pronounced how-stun) st. Exit the station and head towards 6th ave (also called avenue of the americas) and just start walking uptown. You'll pass all kinds of piercing parlors and festive restaurants and fun apartment buildings. It's less touristy around that area, so you'll be able to see more fun things. Anyway, head towards Washington Square Park (you should be able to see it on any subway map you pick up- available at your friendly subway station ticket booth) and check out the giant chess board and the homeless people and all the super classy (seriously) drug dealers. I totally recommend going on all the side streets and checking out the neighborhood- it's super pretty. Very Sex and the City-esque. So once you're done with Washington Square Park, look on your subway map and head towards the bottom left corner of Central park-- I think it's like 56th St? Can't remember. Anyway, wonder about the edge of the park, check out the Shakespeare Castle (very nice views of the park from the top) and continue to wonder up the island towards the Museum of Natural History. I LOVE THIS PLACE. You can check out the minerals section and the egyptian section and the dinosaur section and IT JUST KEEPS GETTING COOLER. I used to go there every weekend to get away from my roommates. So once you're done with the musuem, head straight across the park to The Metropolitan Museum of Art- I never liked this as much as seeing all the dinosaurs and gemstones and rock formations (OHMIGOD I totally forgot- you have to check out the space center exhibit- it's UNREAL- it's kind of off to the side of the natural history museum and it was BY FAR my favorite). So anyway, The Met. I like it a lot but not as much as most people. What can I say, I'm a nerd.

I also have to recommend going to the botanical gardens in brooklyn- I don't know when you'll be there but I know they have a winter exhibit, though they do sometimes close during particular times of the year. Check them out at :)

Oh, and if you get a chance to see something by the NYC Ballet-- TAKE IT. It's worth EVERY PENNY. You can get pretty cheap tickets if you show up when the show starts, though you take a chance on actually getting a seat.

OOOOOOH and I almost forgot- head downtown to the Financial center area-- Ask the cabbie to take you to South End Ave- get out of the cab and head straight towards the river (can't miss it). The cab will have to cross traffic on the Westside Hwy and will pull into this random short street. There will be a bank area with an indoor ATM, a parking garage and a Gristedes (common grocery store) directly in front of you. Once you hit the river, look to your right and you'll see the GINORMOUS financial buildings/snazzy apartments that face the river and if you look to the left you'll see gateway plaza WHERE I USED TO LIVE!! You can take a nice breezy stroll up the river walk and see New Jersey right across the way. Also, if you go in the main entrance to the Financial building that's at the dead end of South End Ave, you'll see escalators directly in front of you. Take the escalators up and follow the signs to THE GODIVA STORE. YES, A STORE THAT SELLS NOTHING BUT DELICIOUS GODIVA. It's heaven.

And don't forget to stop by Pearl River on Broadway in Chinatown- it is HANDS DOWN the best place to buy ANYTHING you could ever want. And it's super cheap. I couldn't even begin to tell you what's in there, just trust me and go. And don't feel bad if you stop at one of those shady vendors and buy a knock-off Coach bag. :) Everyone does it.

Ok, all this reminicing is making me hungry.


janestarr said...

Fantabulous!! That was awesome. A thousand salutations and thank you's. I will absoluted check out the Shakespeare castle, and Chinatown, and Staton Island, and, and, and I've only got 4 day!!! Must start planning! I'm off!

Chairborne Stranger said...

That's awesome-I love NYC-I could probably get within a block of your old place with no help.

Carl from L.A. said...

damn - your guide to NYC came out about 15 years too late - wish I had it with me when I went there several times in the 90s.

Joey said...

Birdie, was an awesome guide - but you forgot two very important places.

Firstly, the EBS (Empire State Building) at night it's just gorgeous. Stay away during the day or I might run your ass over!

Secondly, the Museum of Sex - hello!! The Museum of Sex, which is awesome is located on 233 5th Avenue (corner of 25 or 26) and you must be 18 to enter.

Oswald Croll said...

The Museum of Sex is great. Also...I have to add.... take in a hockey game at the Garden. Hey, I'm a guy.

The Gnat's Trumpet said...

Thank you for reminding me of one of my most embarrasing moments. It was when I was living in NJ and had a close friend and his girlfriend come up from ATL to visit. We went into The City and were walking around and came upon Houston Street. I told them that SoHo was named because it was the south part of Houston Street (I'm not sure if I'm right on this but what the hell, I'm anonymous right, so I can risk being wrong without being embarrassed, right?), and I pronounced it like the town in Texas. I saw my friend's girlfriend whispering to him about my mispronunciation. It was horrible.


I've been carrying that one around for four years.

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

trueborn said...

Birdie, where you been girl, I want to laugh!
Oh, found David Brins Blog:
it's pretty neat.
But then, I'm a geek.

Chairborne Stranger said...

I'm sticking with anon for now! But considering my options.