Tuesday, March 29, 2005


If you do now or have ever held a deity close to your heart, please pray for the life of a beautiful young man. This child is in critical condition as I write this. They could not save his leg and are working to save his arm. Please, even if it’s only one moment you spend today, forget about paying your mortgage, your phone bill, the fight you had with your son or the traffic that makes you crazy. Think about how hard some of these men and women are working, some barely out of high school, and all with the kind responsibility and sorrow that most of us will never face in a lifetime. Pray for a quick recovery, for the sanity of his family and for the strength to remember that no matter what he looks like, his family and friends will always know what’s inside his heart.

None of this changes the fact that I'm so angry I don't know what to do. It took me 30 minutes to form six sentences and even if I wasn't sitting in a cubicle, there still would be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I COULD DO to help him and I HATE that ignorant, genital of a man that lacks the mental prowess to even wipe his own ass let alone run a country. Do I know how irrational I sound? Yes. I do. I don't care. I want him gone. I'd even go so far as to say DEAD. I know I place my hopes in the greener side of the lawn, not knowing what another would have done in his place. Again, I. Don't. Care. I know I'm transferring all of my anger and helplessness on him. I. Don't. Care. I can hate him if I want to.


Anonymous said...

I take it you are refering to your friend who recently caught a home towner in Iraq.

My father served in Malaya a long time ago and still has shrapnel in his back, as well as a bulletwound in his cheek bone.

Those that come out the other end of war are seldom the same. Cowering in a dugout with piss and shit running down your legs and staring at your decapitated best friend will do things to you you would rather not want.

However, you must accept that your friend made his choice. He joined the army voluntarily, he was not drafted, (though that wont be the case for much longer). He knew there was a chance he could be coming home in pieces or not at all, and he still went. He made his choice, and unfortuntely he is now paying for it.

Anyway, i dont know if ive helped and i seriously dont think i have. I just find it hard to feel sympathy for someone who signed up to maim and butcher other human beings and then whine and bitch when it happens to them.

However, that does not change the fact that he is your friend, and friends should always be stuck by. In that regard i hope it turns out well, as i know the pain of losing someone you love very well indeed and would not wish it upon anyone.

And now...onto that last little matter. Bush. In fact no, i am not going to say a thing about that RETARDED FUCKMONKEY OF AN ARROGANT MUTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE due to the fact that i no doubt already have a file a mile long on me.

Suffice it to say that he will get what he deserves...and i am now certain he will receive a lot earlier than is expected.

sqg said...

I am truly sorry to hear this about your friend.
I know too well the anger and helplessness that goes with the frustration that you feel.
I hope that he recovers well and can once again be with those that he loves.

Oh, and Bush is a freaking moron.
It disgusts me what money and power can do in this country!
I can't believe people voted for that Fucknut!

Again, my thoughts are with your friend and his family.

Joey said...


My prayers are with you and your friend; I too hope that he makes it through this most hard and difficult time.

As well, I thank him (and all others out there too) for the bravery and courage they display each day in helping to protect us, our country, and help to better this world.

Anonymous said...

First of all I am very sorry hear that your friend was wounded, I too have had a few friends sent over there and prayed for their return. At one time, even a boyfriend was deployed, that was HARD.
And second...I am so glad I'm not the only southern bell who loaths the president and his actions.
You'd think a president would learn how to spell or at least be ARTICULATE???
Even though I can't most of the time...at least HE should. lol

Your bloggings take me away from the dull greyness of my cubicle walls.
*drifting away to non-grey cubicle land weeeeee!*

Texas Roxy