Monday, March 28, 2005

Pet peeves:

1) Taking car to get very obnoxious rattle fixed. Said car has less than 1,000 miles on it. Call customer at work to tell them that the factory forgot to install some screws in the instrument cluster, which caused aforementioned rattle. Instill as much confidence as possible with customer that no other visible screws appeared to be missing from vital moving parts.
2) Not washing very dirty car after test-driving for 35 miles. Hand customer keys at check-out counter and turn back around to your 13-inch TV propped up on the counter because you are the very busy and important cashier and Oprah is on. Let customer mutter obscenities while walking around parking lot attempting to locate vehicle. Shoot customer dirty look when they hit the PANIC button and let the alarm go off, purely for their own amusement, while they slowly meander their way across the asphalt to the, again, VERY DIRTY CAR.
3) The hold that VERY DIRTY CAR has on your sanity and hence forces you into the do-it-yourself carwash near office.
4) Car washes that do not make change out of ten dollar bills, forcing you into the neighboring gas station for change.
5) Gas station attendants with no teeth. It impedes the process of telling you that your can of Diet Dr. Pepper is “ahty-theben thent.” (That would be ‘eighty-seven cents’ for those of you out there with proper motor skills.)
6) The upper parking lot nazi’s that have orange-coned off your usual parking space, forcing you to alter your parking routine, ridiculous though it may be, and take a chance parking next to people who can never truly appreciate your need for a ding-free vehicle, un-marred by scratches, dirt and lint.

I quite obviously need something to occupy my time.


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sqg said...

Well, look at it this way. Even if it was torture for you, you're at least taking good care of your car.

Also, I believe that I've seen that same gas station attendant here in Florida. -lol