Monday, November 14, 2005

Addendum to the previous addendum:

And THIS is the smartest man in the world. And if I knew how to make links then you would be able to click on "this" and go to his website: I was totally pissed off FOR DAYS that my screen was all askew. And he's super powers of deduction TOTALLY FIXED IT.

Though Os's suggestion was just as smart, too. You can read him at

Yay for smart boys! Yay!


sqg said...

Aw shucks girl. *blushing*

It was nuffin!
And I'd be glad to help ya with anything. I'm just an email away.
Well, and a bunch of states!

Oswald Croll said...

SQQ - Nice job getting that lovely girls mug up top, right were it belongs.

Brains transcend all space and time, too bad cookies don't.