Monday, November 14, 2005

Oh My Darling... Oh My Darling... Oh My DAAAARLING Clementine.

So this whole not having the internet thing is really starting to piss me off.

I cannot read several blogs at work because a) f'ing websense doesn't like them, b) sometimes there are festive pictures and I can't take that chance in my Big Brother-esque environment and c) everyone in their dog reads over my shoulder and it drives me crazy.

So what am I to do? All of the normal people I used to read- carl from la, oswald, yoj, murrye, adam, chairborne, meghan, etc -- well, I NORMALLY CAN'T READ THEM. Do you know what this does to a person of limited intelligence such as myself? IT DRIVES ME CRAZY.

So here's what I'm thinking. I take some money out of my savings account and buy a desktop. I've got a laptop but it might as well be a paperweight as much as I use it. When I bought it, the salesman told me it had a CD-RW/DVD drive. I, of course, took him at his word. Well, for three months I had no need to transfer information from my macketymacmac and so therefore had no need to burn a CD or even play a DVD, having a DVD player attached to my TV which is MUCH more enjoyable than watching a movie on a 14 inch screen. So when I go to burn a CD, well, I discover that THERE'S NO SUCH THING ON MY COMPUTER.

This made me slightly more than mildly cranky.

The computer store wouldn't take it back and so I'm left with a dummass computer with NO WAY of transferring information, barring emailing documents to myself to retrieve later on someone else's computer on someone else's internet, NOT HAVING INTERNET OF MY OWN TO USE.

But back to the desktop buying. I'll buy a cheap desktop, which all come with CD-RW's and DVD players now, and set it up in my foyer. I will then pay the fucking exorbitant prices to set up a fucking phone line for my nonexistent fucking house phone so I can pay more money to have fucking DSL.*

*This situation does not make me happy.

BUT, I am never going to finish my book if I don't have easy access to research information and easy access to SOMETHING, ANYTHING on the computer which can transfer information. And the macketymacmac just isn't covering it.

And yes, I know everyone and their dog is writing a fucking book. Bite me.

Soooo.... anyone willing to sell me a super cheap desktop? With a flat screen, of course :) Because I can't afford a computer desk so it has to fit on a table that's about one foot wide. HA HA HA HA HA HA.

I DO love being poor.

***By the way, I JUST LAST WEEK, after a year and a half of blogging and 2 websites (this being the second, the first one deleted because it made me physically nauseous), figured out that I could EMAIL my posts and NOT HAVE TO OPEN UP THE DREADED WORK INTERNET. I am SUCH a douche.


Murrye said...

aww you read me (or did)! that's quite an honor, because i can't get enough of your wonderful wit. i'd love to read a book by you - hope you get that computer situation worked out so you can keep writing.

Carl from L.A. said...'s flattering to see my name on your post. Guess I better update my blogs more regularly.

Have you tried Bloglines or similar news/blog readers to read blogs? It's more work-friendly - minimal graphics, looks almost like e-mail.

meghansdiscontent said...

You might want to think about this . . .

My brother is trying to sell his desktop. I think for like less than $100. IF, and I do mean IF, Cody isn't buying it . . . it can be all yours. It has everything you need cheap cheap cheap. You know I wouldn't dick you over.