Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Got Tagged Again. But I Made No Links. Yo.

I'm only doing this because I got called 'darlin.'

Top 50 Goals, shortened to 10 because I have a short attention span (in no particular order):

10. Create the perfect lip gloss that's never sticky, never transfers, smells like grapefruits and glistens like dew. Oh, and it's cheap.
9. Pay off my credit card bills and my (cross your fingers) soon-to-be student loans.
8. Learn to stop biting my nails and let them grow.
7. Fix Meghan
6. Finish my program in radiology, get on a MRI tech travel program, spend 2 years traveling about the country, meet It (the person, not the clown. SHAME ON YOU for thinking I'd be okay with meeting a man-eating ass-munch of a clown.) elope, throw a ridiculous ass party upon returning, get in the family way, maybe a couple of times, pack lunches, go to dance recitals, maybe even a soccer match, retire, still have It (still the person, not THE CLOWN. God.) hold hands on a beach, rock grandbabies, retire, be the crazy old lady with long hair, still hold hands with It.
5. Float
4. Hire someone to do my laundry. And scoop cat litter. Cat litter smells exactly like what went in it, no matter the crystals or scents or powder or odor dissolvers it may claim to have. IT STILL SMELLS LIKE CAT SHIT.
3. Own a house. NOT JUST ANY HOUSE. And this is not a beach house/hut/condo dream. I want My House. The one with the squeaky wood floors. Two story. With an attic. Finished. Weird cubbie holes. Old gas stove. Claw-foot tub. Small backyard. Full of flowers. Lots of bedrooms. The House Where Nothing Is Perfect.
2. Own a houseboat. For getaways.
1. Be happy. At least most of the time. That way I can really appreciate the truly happy times.

I promise I'll write more later this week. My job is the devil on an LSD trip.

Very tired, she says.


Drunken Chud said...

mmm lip gloss...

ok, It (the clown)... great. "everything floats down here, and when you're down here, you'll float too" which ties in pretty well with number 5. heh.

OOOOOH! a houseboat! that is my dream. i always wanted a houseboat, i mean, how fuckin cool are when you own a boat, that's also a house? yeah, wanna come by my house? is down at the docks. yep, it's a boat. but it's also my house. yeah! ok, sorry, a little too carried away there...

Thomas said...

Float. Favorite.

Prego said...

I just took out $24 large in student loans. I think you and "It" will be sharing bowls of Metamucil before I pay that shit off.

trueborn said...

Yay fix Meghan.
Though the way she tells it, she's trying to fix you dear Birdie.

Jenni said...

I want some of that lip gloss!!!

auburn said...

I want a house like that. With oodles of personality.

I can't believe i just said oodles.

sqg said...

"get on a MRI tech?"

Damn! I knew I should have become an MRI tech!!

Barry S. said...


Did you contact that school with the Radiological Sciences program?

Carl from L.A. said...

You only really need to accomplish #6, #3 and #1. Trust me.

The rest either take care of themselves or become a lesser priority.

Keep an eye on #9 - make sure that you don't miss payments and pay monstrous interests. Anything over 10% is too high. Build your credit rating so you can accomplish #3.

rob said...

Ya know...if you do get with Pennywise from It, you'll be closer to accomplishing #5. I hear they all float down there.

And now that I have just broached my monthly quote of nerd, I'ma stop saying words now...