Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Love Ya, Mean It *cough

I'm on an extended vacation and I'm not dead and I haven't put on makeup for three days and I took a nap yesterday for no reason and I stayed up until three last night nursing a glass of wine and I'm residing here for the next few days, attempting to NOT wake up at forty and realize I never did the one thing that I wanted to do.

So you kids talk amongst yourselves and I'll be back next week. I may even tell you why there's a tape of me being dry humped by a frat boy named Hudd or how I bacame a corporate minion, sans nose ring.

kiss kiss


Carl from L.A. said...
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Carl from L.A. said...

For awhile I was worried that maybe Brittany kidnapped you and tied you up in a torture chamber and made you her sex slave or something...

Damn, I must be going through withdrawal.

lilylala said...

hope you are having a nice and relaxing time. the demon spawns are doing just fine and are still fluffy...

duckie said...

you took a vacation on a blog? WTF?

Amanda said...

i miss you too. work is not the same w/o you. you have a new office mate....kiss kiss as you would say.

Coyote Mike said...

hump hump

Drunken Chud said...

lesbians rule.

Derek said...

Hello Robin.
I first read your blog for February 2005 and then for February 2006-after which I started to find out about you.
The first thing I noticed was excellent writing-someone said you should be a professional writer-well only if you want to. You obviously enjoy writing and do it well, so perhaps all you need do is carry on.
Then I noticed your wit and sense of humor.
In February 2005, you said that feet was low down on your list of interests until you got a corn yourself. Then you had to sit up and take notice –or perhaps hobble and take notice.
Unlike you, I am interested in feet-having been since early childhood and because my mother and her sister suffered from corns-I focussed on corns!. This was why I took an interest in your February 2005 Blog.
I was a podiatrist (this was my second profession-I have been a Science teacher- but now I am elderly and retired from both-except for friends!
I was sorry to see that you still had a corn 12 months after it started.
Had it been persistent or did it come and go? You refer to your “old lady” corn-I was surprised, by the way, that it became painful when exposed to air-or have I missed the humor? Was that just an excuse to stay in bed longer?
Most people say that it can get worse in bed-maybe because the blood does not flow so quickly to the feet or-more likely- because the bed clothes rub against it.
Have tried to visit a podiatrist?
I have heard a number of descriptions of the pain of corns, but your “pain radiating in great, eye-ball loosening waves” is superb. I know what you mean-I had one once! Other clients of mine of said “as though someone was attacking my toe with an ice pick”-I could go on with other analogies, but I may bore you!
You are a woman of courage- my heart went out to you when you were waiting for your brother’s return- have you heard Andrea Marcovicci’s CD of “Love songs of WW2” ? I think you would identify.
And if I am honest, the fact that you are a pretty woman adds to your charm!
I hope you reply-and If you are interested, the next time I will tell you how my foot fetish started. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said “fetish”. Maybe that is as frightening a word as CORN and WART!