Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Somehow I managed to justify purchasing black satin shoes with white polka dots.

But you know what? They're beautiful.

Don't judge me.

UPDATE: (because I know you secretly wanted to see them.)


Adam said...

Too late.

We already had a hearing, formal comments are as follows:

- Polka Dots on shoes?!?!?
- She writes well.
- Has cats, crazy ones.
- Hey, look at that guys pants, classic (laughs).
- Name not actually Birdie.

duckie said...

um, yeah. Satin shoes with polka dots? Are you gonna wear them in the pagent Jean Benet?

Drunken Chud said...


Carl from L.A. said...

oh I gotta see them! maybe I'll get some if I like them. think they would go well with my gray dress pants?

Carl from L.A. said...


(My wife loves taking me shopping...)

lilylala said...

i think that they are lovely shoes although they are a flashback to the 80's. we could purchase prom dresses from goodwill to match. ha ha. love you

birdie said...

Please, you act like I don't have a pair of pink and black fishnet elbow-length gloves sitting in my car RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. I may never re-embrace the perms and big bangs but I will always accept the shoes. One can never discriminate against shoes.

Amanda said...

um, the picture might have done them a little more justice after the lunch conversation... okay. i don't judge you. i will just simply say they are cute and move on 'bout my business.

Annathy said...

Those are gorgeous, where did you find them?

birdie said...

Nine West :) AND THEY WERE ON SALE. Which obviously justifies my purchase.

YoJ said...

Purchased justified.

Rock those bitches out girl. ON SALE means LOOKS AMAZING with EVERYTHING.

Boys. Sheesh.

Drunken Chud said...

if they had a heel to them, i could see it. but as they are... i just want to slow dance with you to air supply.

DErek said...

So we are back on shoes-and hence feet.
How are your corns?
Can we now see a picture of your bare feet from the top
Did you hget my email?

birdie said...

okay, seriously. I don't do feet. I do not have corns or any other foot maladies as I stopped wearing uncomfortable shoes. I do not take pictures of my feet and post them. I do not let people get near my feet. I do not let people touch my feet. If there were a chastity belt for feet, I'D OWN IT.