Monday, April 17, 2006

An Opportunity . . . Of Sorts

It is entirely possible that [redacted] may kill me for this, but I'm all about living on the edge lately.
Or maybe I just welcome death.

Here's your chance:
Submit questions about Robin.
Anything you wish to submit.
I will answer what I can.
I will then forward any remaining questions to Robin and if she is willing to answer them, so be it.
Otherwise, this is your opportunity to find out what her friend thinks about her and things I can tell you that she probably wouldn't. :)

You can post them anonymously or not under the comments section.

Questions can be about [redacted] specifically, about her past or our shared past, anything Robin-related.


--- Meghansdiscontent - - AKA Brittany


Coyote Mike said...

Are the rumors true that Robin has a third nipple?

Carl from L.A. said...

I wouldn't know where to start. Seriously. are a few from a very long list:

Where did you two go to college, and what did you two study?


Is she as fascinating in person??

Jenni said...

If Robin won a million dollars, what would she do with it?

Texas Roxy said...

Haha it's like I'm questioning a celebrity. I don't think she knows the impact she has on her readers.

Dear Abby,
What's her other strong points besides writing so eloquently?

hee hee

Barry S. said...

Besides talking on the phone, chapped lips, and most people, what does Robin really dislike or hate?

What does she think of the majority of her posters on her blog?

Nice topic, meghan!

PJ said...

How tall is Robin?

Anonymous said...

Here's my question for Robin:

Robin, what does Brittany look like naked?

Anonymous said...

What is Robin's medical history? Has she ever contracted an exotic disease? Visceral Leishmaniasis? Rabies? Malaria? Whooping Cough? Polio? Tuberculosis? Mononucleosis? Osteoporosis? Any osis?

the belligerent intellectual said...

If Robin was an animal / book / murder weapon, which ones would she be? Also, what's her telephone number?

Drunken Chud said...

does robin like fat guys?

has robin ever had a lesbian experience?

if some catastrophe were to strike, and robin could only bring 4 things with her. any 4 things. her posessions or someone elses, or whatnot. what would she take to live out her days in the wilderness?