Monday, May 22, 2006


Last night I went to a writing group which completely filled my nerdish needs for bookish individuals who spend their free time pursuing activities like photography and music and yoga and the selection of festively named beer.  I wrote strange rhyming phrases about mold and skittering feet and penned passages concerning our chosen topics of sleep and fear.  I wrote down a succession of words that began with Lemon Drop and ended with Lichtenstein, though rest assured there were other words in my list that didn’t begin with ‘L,’ such as orangutan. I ate a chocolate chip cookie that was crumbly and delicious and confessed to my obsession with bleaching sheets and how I’d lusted after an ironing machine in Williams-Sonoma that professed to quickly and easily press the largest of sheets and cloths, no creases involved. 

At the end of the evening I realized I’d spent two and a half hours in a small room with three people I’d never met before and not once wanted to stab any of them in the eye.  Not once.  Not even a wee bit.

This is quite the accomplishment for me.   



Coyote Mike said...

I wish there were a writing group around here. Damned philistines!!!

Congrats on being non-stabby.

rob said...

Yes...but did you get accidentally naked?

Take note: I never want to read another one of your stories unless there's accidental naked involved.

Carl from L.A. said...

Our brains are like little pets -each behaves and needs to be nourished differently. And they usually don't attack when properly fed, cleaned, and cared for.

* * *

I'd love an ironing machine.

Texas Roxy said...

So noone missss speelllled aneetheeng?

That'd make me wanna stab 'em.

Stab 'em dead like bread...minus the yeast!

Barry S. said...

Nice work, robin. I take it you like this class? It definately sounds interesting!

Jenni said...

Confession: All my sheets are wrinkled and I secretly like it that way!

keda said...

i am very impressed with the lack of stabbing.

though i also quite like wrinkly sheets. or do i mean i like making them wrinkly... hmmm. i do remember loving those machines back when i was at uni though, i used to do experiments with sticky stuff between layers and pockets. damn art students.

loved the naked story below too.