Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Peaceful Quiet is All I Ask

I have never in my concious life seriously considered inflicting bodily injury to an animal.

But I am THIS CLOSE to taking my neighbors dogs and throwing them off the fucking balcony.

They have barked NON STOP since 7:30 this morning. And when I say NON STOP, I mean there hasn't been more than 2.5 seconds when one of those little demon-spawn weenie dogs hasn't been yapping at some unknown and unseen problem. And to make it even better... They barked incessantly last night during the movie I was watching (granted, it was Say Anything and I can pretty much recite the lines without the soundtrack, but DAMN all I wanted to do was sit in relative quiet and watch my movie.) And they barked Sunday when I was cooking my turkey. And Sunday night when I was trying to nap off my food baby. And in the wee hours of Sunday morning when I came downstairs for a little insomniac internet browsing.

My neighbor has been in the process of moving in for the last week and a half... but only just brought her demons over on Saturday night. Very sweet girl. Seems fairly normal. And I'm sure she'd be devastated if her dogs were to one day... dissapear.

But one woman's devastation over two yappety-ass devil-dogs is quickly becoming less and less of a concern.

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meghansdiscontent said...

Honey, you're scaring me.
As for the death of the dogs . . . would you feel better if your friends did it for you? I am totally feeling the death of an animal for human peace. We kill cows for food, why not kill dogs for quiet?
Having said that . .. . now you know how we all feel about your cracked out cats. Those demons WAIT for you to fall asleep so they can jump on your face.