Wednesday, May 11, 2005

49. When I was 7 I was a Brownie (Girl Scouts for the young ones). We had finished our weekly meeting and had been dismissed to go play until parents came to pick the kids up. These little get-togethers were held at my mum's house and I had about 10 little girls hanging out in my room. This annoying little girl, Sarah, had decided it was acceptable to get my hamster, Buttercup, out of her cage. I coldly told her to put down my damn hamster. Well, naturally this little skank ran out of the room, making a bee-line for my mother to tell her I had said the word "damn." I waited 3 mintues, knowing if I ran after her I'd look guilty. So I ambled out of my room and casually walked into the kitchen were Sara (bitch) was gleefully telling everyone who could hear that I was using "bad words" in front of all the girls. My mom asked me if what I had said. Here was my explanation:

"Mom. Sarah COMPLETELY misunderstood me. She was playing with my hamster-- and you know Buttercup likes to bite sometimes-- So I asked her to put her down. She must have misunderstood me because I asked her to put down my dame hamster, not that other word." I turned to Sarah. "Sarah, a dame is just another word for girl."

I'm pretty sure I didn't get punished because I had used one of the last week's vocabulary words. Heh.

48. I don't like the red Starburst-- I always pick them out. They remind me of Luden's cough drops that my grandmother used to give me.

47. I get hives sometimes. Normally from stressing about traffic or just being generally unstable. And NO hives are not bumpy and scary. I just get red splotches all over and get really, uncontrollably itchy.

46. I made four lists today. One detailing an art project and the supplies I need to get, one detailing possible move dates and things I need to ask my mom and dad, one with a list of things to do on my lunch break and another full of crap I had to do today at work.

45. I have to pee really, really bad. But since I'm only ten minutes away from going home, I'll tough it out. If I have the option to go in my own home you best believe I'm going to take it.

44. I don't own any clocks. I use the clock on my cell phone to get up in the morning. But otherwise I think they just distract me.

44 is a very acceptable number to end on. It's divisable by so many numbers and it is, from an aesthetic standpoint, perfectly balanced.


Adam said...

Hey, as my third favourite blog I'd like to interview you. Can you drop me a line at so I can come up with and send you some questions?


Joey said...

Birdie, Birdie, Birdie!

Your list is amazing; it has such quality and openness!
I only wish that if and when I choose to list it might come close to being as great as yours.
You truly open yourself up and let us learn much about you!


Sun Rider said...

My mom would NEVER have let me get away with that. She would have seen through me and noticed the complete bullshit I was giving her.

I also really enjoy your list. Most I totally agree on, but I have to draw the line at the red Starburst. Were you G-mom's cough drops Luden's Cherry? I LOVE those, too!

Jbsss said...

Hey Birdie,
Yeah I know I have not been on much at all lately but I did want to stop by and say howdy. Thanks for the comment on the story line. I am still stuck on some details but I do have a pretty decent first chapter in my nogin. Dunno when I will have time to write it due to time/motivation constraints but its there just waiting to be typed out.

Love the list by the way. I have a blog rule though. No lists. But thats me I enjoyed yours. I also dont think I can write a list that is all that interesting anyways.

Later babe.
John =P

meghansdiscontent said...

Okay, B., since I know your mom . .. I am well aware that you didn't get in trouble for the hamster BS because she was amused at your telling of the lie. Not because she didn't know you were lying. Nor was it because you used last week's vocab. Crackhead.

What's the deal with the moving dates . . . I thought we were set on those! Are you telling me that I am working 9 and 10 hours a day this week to have Friday off for no reason???