Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I want to run away.


duckie said...

from what? where will you go? How will you get there? Running away causes me to ask many questions. Better to just stay where you are.

birdie said...

what are you? the run away police? can't i just run away? do i have to have a plan?
well. shit. i guess i do.
here's the plan:
I pack my duffel bag (the one with the fish on it) and get in my car and drive to either:
a) san luis obisbo (i don't know where this is-- somewhere in california-- but the name is nifty and i think it's on the ocean.)
b) hilton head beach (is this in virginia? also don't really know where this is but it has the word "beach" in the name so it's gotta be good.)
c)new orleans. i fucking love new orleans.

and i'm running away from my hormonal urges to either a) makeout with inappropriate boys or b) throw projectile poison filled darts at the DUMB MOTHER FUCKERS who inhabit my living space.

mostly b, though.

and i will be getting there through my vehicular transport. also known as my SHINY BLACK CAR (with a gouged out wheel where my brother ramped a curb. ROCK ON.)

Adam said...

Can we set up a run away program? You run away to here, I'll run away to there and we can rejoice in the streets.

sqg said...

Run away???

But you've just moved into your own place! Your own rules! Your own space!

Of course, Work always sucks!!!

I remember running away when I was 14. Mom saw me trying to bungee-cord down my cat on the back of my motorcycle. She talked me out of taking my precious Neiko and then I left.
Can't believe that I was trying to strap my cat onto my bike!

Anyway, Ft. Lauderdale has a kick-ass beach!

meghansdiscontent said...

What the fuck happened??? I talked to you less than 8 hours ago and you were fine . . . now you want to run away.

Is this because of the Wed night thing, which, by the way, are you going???

Hey, if you feel like running to North Little Rock instead of West Little Rock - - you can take my job for a few days. I'm so ready to kill some of my clients . . . . You down for some big money tempered by some big stupid kids?

duckie said...

Yes I am the runaway police.

Don't use the bag with the fish on it. It smells funny.

SLO is cool but they have lots of cows. cows are evil and will try to kill you when you're not looking.

Hilton Head is of the coast of North Carolina. They used to test long-range artillery there. You could step on some undetonated ordinance and blow yourself up. No good.

New Orleans? Home of black magic and VooDoo ladies? I think not. You'll catch the sleeping dead go all crazy like Serpent and the Rainbow.

What's with you and the poison darts. Are you a pygmy?

lily said...

hello my little darling. i took your advice and set up my blog. lilylala.ModBlog.com
thanks for the good read and i will see you in the morning. But you will not get this until the morning so see you in a bit.

birdie said...

lookey lookey!! lileeeee has a blog!

adam: where will we meet? pack your bags, son. it's time to load up and load out.

dukie: i'm not down with cows. they smell. and they stare you down with their big creepy eyes. and they poo a lot. AND NO I'M NOT A PYGMY. freak. and if you're the runaway police do you get to arrest me and throw me in jail because i've been A VERY BAD GIRL.

meghan: bad day

sqg: you're poor cat! though i could never run away with The Little Devils. So I feel ya.

birdie said...

dangit, i meant to say WITHOUT the little devils. they are my wee small furry children.

duckie said...

yes, I do get to punish you as I see fit but i have a feeling you might enjoy it.

yes. I am a freak.

birdie said...

handcuffs and EVERYTHING?

Cuz i've been VERY. BAD. ;)

sqg said...

We'll be able to get tickets for this punishment thing on EBay, Right? :o

Oh and btw duckie, can I please get deputized. :)

birdie said...

sqg- do you promise not to let this power go to your head?
if so-- YOU ARE HERE BY DEPUTIZED and may act as 2nd in command!

duckie said...

hey! The prisoner can't do the deputizing! That's my fucking job! More punishment for you. Yes. Handcuffs and everything.

sqg - tell me what the fuck sqg means and you are my man. there can't be any secrets between the sheriff and his deputy.

sqg said...

Hah! Duckie, I don't have to tell you shit since the prisoner has already done me! -lol
Thanks birdie! :)
I'll try to do you proud!
Now do you like the white fluffy cuffs or the red ones?

w00t! powertrippowertrippowertrip!!!


duckie said...

sqg - this is not how a partnership is supposed to work man. I may have to take your badge.

sqg said...

"Badges! I don't need no stinking badges!" -lol

Ok, sorry chief, just lost it for a sec.
But I still get to be in charge of feather tickling the prisoner, right?