Sunday, May 08, 2005

I promise this will be over soon.

68. I'm secretive. I have friends that have never met each other, heard of each other. And never will.

67. I hate the sound of utensils on plates.

66. I miss the subways in New York. And riding the ferry every day. It was a hassle to get to work, but the ride home was always peaceful. I worked weird hours so I never hit traffic in rushour. I have a distinct memory of sitting on the ferry on a Wednesday morning, Radiohead singing in my headphones, thinking of my family, lonely, gray skies. And then a sea gull flying in perfect unison with my window for endless minutes.

65. I've had the same bedspread for 8 years. It's a light greenish thin down comforter. On top, I have a red/orange throw that I bought in Spain with bleached white sheets, two pillows and a decorative orange pillow in the center.

64. I had a bad case of Mono when I was 20. I still get tired easily. Though I was never much of a late-night person to begin with.

63. The first cat that I ever got was named Cleopatra. Unfortunately, I later found out it was a boy. So Mom made me shorten it's name to Cleo.

62. I love food for it's texture-- Cheesecake may taste good but I'm going to need some nuts or something in it.

61. My favorite snack to make is wheat tortillas, pepperjack cheese and pecans all rolled up together and heated up in the microwave.

60. I like shoes. Especially heels.

59. I took dance for 16 years and taught for two. I wasn't the most dancer-bodied person there, but I had a beautiful foot in pointe shoes and tap was my favorite. I loved teaching the little girls the "brush-toe-heel and brush-toe-heel" steps. But my favorite was teaching the advanced class where we got to tap to rock music and jazz.

58. I chew the tops of my pens. Classic oral fixation.

57. I used to smoke two packs a day. Kool Milds. I loved smoking. It took some of the edge off social settings and daily life. I'm still teaching myself not to reach for a ciggy when things get stressed.

56. I like cold beer. Fat Tire is all the rage now... But it doesn't do much for me. I really like Pacifico and Dos Equis.

55. I'm more passive agressive than I like. But I work on it.

54. I listen to loud ear splitting music in the car. Anything with heavy guitars or a strong bass line and I'm in.

53. I can't end on this number so I have to keep coming up with useless info for three more entries.

52. I have a younger brother. He threw a chair at my head when I was 11 and he was 8. I yanked open the fridge door to deflect it but ended up slicing open my eyebrow when I attempted to duck behind it. I have the wee little scar to prove it. We get along now.

51. Right this minute, I want to cut my hair off and dye it blonde.

50. I don't care for the smell of vanilla.


sqg said...

Interseting concept, this list of yours. It's quite the read.

Everyone should post just such a list.

It's so much easier revealing such things to our selective audience in here than to our famaily and friends.

And yes, that's quite a cute nose you have there. ;)

sqg said...

49. Making a typo in a comment and not being able to correct it!



We can all be a little anal can't we. -lol

Carl from L.A. said...

Your list has depth, unlike some other ones I've read.

meghansdiscontent said...

Thank God someone else admits to not liking the Vanilla smell. Though, I never knew that about you. Everytime one of our friends gives me some shitty "Sugar Cookie" or "Vanilla Bean" candle as a gift I want to throw it at their head. I want to hear that solid "Thunk" and think - "That's what you get for not knowing me AT ALL".

You know, the way you would feel if someone gave you a Celine Dion album . . . or something with hearts on it. Jesus, who thought "hearts" was a great decorative statement. Let's make some out of gold and string them on ugly gold chains and give them to people we supposedly like.

Hint - If I give you anything with a heart on it, I don't like you. I felt I was obligated to get you something and I got you something that allowed me some subtle hatred and sarcasm.

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Great minds think alike (sqg!)

Birdie...this is most curious. But you are effing good.

list#55 you spelt aggressive with one "g"...

I echo sqg in adding "we can all be a little anal can't we..."