Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I should have been a crack dealer-- Maybe then I wouldn't be in debt.

43.) When I was 9, I used to lay on my bed and dream of being a fairy. Not just any fairy, but a fairy that lived in a walnut shell. And could transform herself into normal-kid size at will. But the fairy always shrunk down to sleep. I would dream that I would doze off during class-- and then everyone would notice I was missing until !!! someone discovered me, peacefully sleeping in a walnut shell in the book cubby of my desk. I would swear my classmates to secrecy. The only sign of my fairy-ness when in my normal-kid form would be the four of five strands of blue hair hidden underneath my long dark tresses.
42.) I can calculate vectors in my head, almost to the point of having a dead-right answer. I cannot, however, calculate them on paper using a formula. I'm just a good guesser. This did not endear me to my math teachers.
41.) I'm not sure if I believe marriage is for life. I think maybe for some people it is, but maybe I wasn't meant to be one of those. I've never had a normal, adult relationship. So I think that by this point, my chances of succeeding in a marriage are slim. I haven't had the "starter boyfriends" to figure out what it's like.
40.) I'm quite disdainful of people who sport mullets. WHO CUTS YOUR HAIR, DUMBASS?
39.) I'm a vomiter. Well, not as bad anymore. I used to vomit when I got mad, really sad, really frustrated or really nervous. There is an entry on here where I trace this happy trait to my over-anxious 9-year-old self. I have no idea how people make those happy little link things so you'll just have to fucking search for it if you really feel so inclined.

I can end on this number because 9 is divisable by 3. Something like this:

9 / 3 = 3 and 3 and 3. The trifecta of threes. It's beautiful on so many levels.


Adam said...

I'm pushing the idea that people should only get married for 5 years, then you shake hands, thank each other for the good times and move on.

Going into such an arrangement makes things stacks easier, there would be far less reasons for divorce, far less chance of affairs, people learn more in their lives, people stress less about their one big day. It's better for everyone!

duckie said...

long time listener, first time caller. Do you have OCD? No offense, I was just wondering about the bit with the numbers is all.

Math police said...

When dividing 9/3, you can't mention a "trifecta" unless you're talking about addition.. 3+3+3.