Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Holy Catpoop, Batman.

I so DID NOT GET THE FUCKING MEMO that said the cleaning crew was going to be hanging out in the bathrooms at 7:45pm. I HAVE TO PEE, PEOPLE.

It's just unfair. Really, it is.

I may pee upon this very chair because the cleaning lady held up her hand and said "NO! The seats are all wet!"

Jesus, lady-- it's not like I sit down on those things anway. I've been cultivating the art of hovering since I was a wee small girl.

Small bladders unite!


Adam said...

7.45pm? Is this at work or home?

duckie said...

guys really do have it easy in this department. I would have just found the nearest sink or even and empty water bottle.

ty bluesmith said...

ah, yes.

i thought i was the only person that happened to

birdie said...

I work 11-8 since I work w/ west coast peoples but i'm in the middle of the country... hence divided by a bazillion time zones. god forbid someone not be here to pat, soothe and coddle weetle baby dealers.

And duckie-- how strange you would leave a comment. I just found you through YoJ's site-- and was in the process of reading posts before I left to go home last night. I hope duckie is a reference to the uber-cool dude from pretty in pink. the actor who is now on that creepy show withe charlie sheen. but BACK IN THE DAY-- duckie was AWESOME.

yay-- a new comment and hence a new blog to peruse. thanks eversomuch trueblue. i don't care if that's your name or not. i'm calling you that. so there.

meghansdiscontent said...

You are certifiable. Just letting you know. Oh, and I've appearantly offended some peeps with my latest posting. . . . feel free to read it and tell me what was wrong with the truth.

Much love.

(No, I don't know why I'm gangsta today.)

duckie said...

birdie - yeah, sorta. Just don't tell anyone I'm a big Molly Ringwald fan. The really creepy thing about John is that he looks the same age. Doesn't he?

Badpatty said...

Work is kind of like the movies. You want to get the BIG drink so that you can drink it all, then fill it back up as you deem necessary. How many people are hanging around at that hour at work with you, anyway?

James said...

Yeah, my wife hovers too. I think that is instinctual for the ladies. Oh yeah and I have the bladder of a 4 year old girl. Damn.