Friday, May 27, 2005


Sorry. Had to delete it. Couldn't handle it today.


duckie said...

it was me wasn't it? I'm sorry. I'm too critical. But you did ask for it.

birdie said...

no no. i do want criticism. but. ugh. hard to explain. i found the part i posted in an email i sent myself over a year ago when i was leaving a previous job. i've since added on it and tweaked it and changed it and whatnot-- and i decided it wasn't worth anyone wasting their time reading if i'd already scrapped/edited/changed most of it anyway.

i thought maybe posting it would give me some incentive to start working on that story line again... but nope. it just pissed me off. i hated everyone being able to see it, knowing that it hadn't been spell checked or accuracy checked.

and i'd prefer you be as critical about anything else i post. :)

*kisses* oh, was there a little tongue in there? whoopsies.

grace said...

stupid duckie.

birdie, you'd better punish him. :P

sqg said...

Oooo, tongues and punishment!!!

You know so well how to get our attention.

birdie - I enjoy your writing style and eagerly await your next installment. I unfortunately can't help you in the critiquing department because I suck at writing. I'm just a high school dropout anyway. No school for me :(
But I can still enjoy wit and charm.

duckie - Don't be too hard on yourself man. You Rock!

Grace - Come over here girl.. -lol

duckie said...

so, we're cool? Cool.

A slip of the tongue would imply that it wasn't intentional.

Adam said...

Did I miss something?

duckie said...

birdie? Little Birdie? Where are you birdie? I'm am finding you!

sqg said...

feathers all over the place too!
Last time I found feathers all over like this,
a neighbor's cat had eaten my bird. :(

And She does have cats.

birdie said...

Duckie: Slip was an unintentional yet calculated slip ;) whoopsie.

sqg: feathers? you found my feathers? GIVE THAT SHIT BACK, MAN!

yeeeeaah. so i have no internet at my home anymore b/c i am POOR and DESTITUTE and having taken to selling bananas on the street for change. so i had no access ALL WEEKEND LONG. very traumatic. now i have to sneak around at work (sniffle)

sqg said...

OMG!!! No net@home!?!
Damn birdie, that really sucks.
That's traumatic news for all of us. *sniff*

Banana's huh? So...
how's that working out? :o

Oh, and here's the feathers I found.
It's ok if I keep one, right? :)

sqg said...

Oh, and another thing..

Be careful pulling up my 'Wet in Miami' pics If your at the office.

Don't want ya to get busted again for looking at pr0n and stuff. -lol

duckie said...

Birdie - I have ever told you how friggin hot you are?

duckie said...

BTW, english is my FIRST language.

birdie said...

english is your first language? really? god. i'd never have known what with the monosyllabic answers and the spelling ability of a 3rd grader and all.

um. no. you've never told me how hot i am. however, i did just get a very swollen head as was feeling a bit like a frizzy haired leper today. due in part to the EVIL POLLEN. hm. perhaps swollen head was bad descriptive choice, no? ;)

sqg: i suppose you can keep that one feather. but only if you're VERY VERY NICE TO IT and frequently tell it that it's a nice feather and pat it gently.

sqg said...

How do we know that this is really birdie?

Could be a c-a-t playing us for fools.

The poor girl. She may have been eaten alive!?!

duckie said...

good point Nips! How do we know this is really Birdie? She does look a bit like a frizzy haired leper today.

birdie said "swollen head." that wuz cool.